Staff Uniforms – Dress Code Best Practices

Everything is ready to go for opening your doors to the public for the first time. Your food is amazing, your restaurant is stylish, the seating is comfortable and practical and your branding is perfect… but what about staff uniforms?

The Chef Uniforms and staff uniforms should complement the style and branding of your organization. Your staff should be fully aware of the importance of wearing a stylish and practical uniform, after all if you have happy staff you will have happy customers!

When creating a dress code for your business:

Consider comfort and durability, especially given the often hot and crowded quarter’s kitchen & restaurant staff work in. Lightweight fabrics, short sleeves and moisture-wicking material are good choices.

Ensure that male and female staff uniforms are equivalent or similar in terms of style and design.

Think about functionality – for example, Chef aprons may be different to server aprons which may require pockets for tablets and wireless payment systems. Ask yourself, do your aprons need to be bib, waterproof, short waist, long waist, cross back, denim or stripe?

Look for colours that fit with your logo and branding, and consider colours surrounding your environment when making your choices… For example, black apron is most generic one and goes with any background but blue creates a calming atmosphere, yellow and orange may feel warm and happy.

However too much blue may slow down staff productivity and too much yellow can cause feelings of anxiety in some people. An abundance of orange often creates more of a social, talkative environment, which may suit some venues but not others. Small amounts of red can stimulate and excite employees and is often used in fast take away cafes or canteens to keep people moving.

Similarly, Chef jackets should also be carefully chosen and good thing they do come in a multitude of colours. Further, you can also choose between long sleeve Chef Jackets and short sleeve.

At stores like ChefWears, personalized Chef Jackets are also available and can be ordered in bulk. So you have a lot to choose from and ordering is super easy these days in online chef stores. Some custom orders come with free delivery. For instance, ChefWears offers FREE delivery for orders over $400.

Another important factor is to get your Chef’s and other staffs’ input. When purchasing new uniforms, have your employees tested them out and tried on various sizes before placing a full order. Make sure potential employees are aware of your dress code and uniform policy during the interview and hiring process.

Put your dress code in writing and include it in your employee manual so all employees are aware of it and any issues can be discussed.

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