Less Brand Loyalty than Previous Generations

Brand loyalty was everywhere and people didn’t want to shop anywhere but their favourite shop.


Today with so much choice online there is much less brand loyalty than there used to be. People found it disloyal by not purchasing from their favourite retailer/supplier however as time went on people started to realise that they could get better value for money and more options if they purchased elsewhere.


As recently as 5 – 10 years ago neutral colours reigned supreme in the Hospitality industry.

Little by little clients started asking for colour to be introduced into their designs. As a result colour became very important when choosing Hospitality staff uniforms.

Restaurants sensed that if they could create a theme and then carry on that theme with the Staff uniforms they were on a winner.

Colour choice is everywhere now, the staff uniforms look great with their earthy colours and designs or bright and breezy colours to ensure a sense of urgency in a fast take away restaurant.


These days most people choose their Hotel or Restaurant from internet sites such as Trip Advisor.

Colour images have become a factor in their final choice.

After all colour looks great in their online pictures and people want to be able to share the pictures with their friends.


Even though black and white are still so popular as Chefs first choice of jackets, other colours have now made their way into the Hospitality market and with good reason.

Black and white are still the traditional colours of most Chefs.

They have stood the test of time and are smart and easy to look after.

In a high-end, Silver Service restaurant nothing looks as smart as a white single or double breasted crisp chef jacket.

Having the same brand loyalty to these colours is slowly diminishing and other vibrant colours are springing up all around us.

With short and long sleeves, single and double breasted jackets, zipper closures, interchangeable buttons, lighter weight fabrics, more colour choices, the choices are limited to your imagination.

We live in the digital world and millennial’s want to share their experiences so having colour in pictures makes it more appealing and inviting.





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