Chef Clothing and Style Guide

Chef Clothing Guide


Are you a Chef or someone in food business who is looking for ideas before you buy Chef clothing or chef uniforms? The plethora of products and buying channels may leave you confused. Here we have tried to make it easy for you. The chef clothing guide below will help you with making the right buying decisions.

Firstly, you need to check with your business theme and what goes with your overall restaurant or hotel theme. Chef may prefer typical chef whites but waiter staff uniforms may need to be well aligned with the overall ambiance and environment of the work place.

Once that’s decided, then make a list of overall items you may need. If you are not chef yourself then it is best to talk to your chef first to make sure you have got all the important things covered. For instance, your chef team may need some items which you may have not thought of. Some of the common items that pretty much all chefs may need are chef aprons , Chef Jackets , Chef Pants or Chef hat.

However, you job is not over yet. You may further have to drill down to details of each product for instance, there are different types, texture and colours of aprons available such as Black Apron, Denim Apron, Waterproof Apron, and White Apron. And your chef may have a particular preference.

Don’t be overwhelmed yet because there is more. This is the reason we created this guide so you do not have to spend hours finding out the different types of options before starting your shopping.

Jackets are chef’s favourite and can also add to the style statement of your cooking staff. In case of chef jackets, you can consider style, colour, and type for instance, Long Sleeve Chef Jackets and short sleeve jackets.

Chefs may also need some accessories like chef neckerchief. As mentioned earlier, you can find out the minute details and preferences only after talking to your staff and getting their requirements.

Once you got the buying list ready then you can do your research on where to buy them – from local chef shops or online chef uniform store? Emergence of e-commerce has made it super easy for buyers today. All they need to do is simply search their product, one click buy and product delivered to their doors. No need to go through heavy traffic and crowded malls or streets. Online shopping helps you avoid long queues.

Remember to buy from the one who offer the lowest rates and best quality.

Our own online store “ChefWears” offers best quality and low-price chef uniforms and accessories. We also offer custom print and bulk buy options. This means you have a one stop shop to order all your chef uniforms and accessories.

To make it even easier for you, you can simply give us the list of products and send it through via our contact us page. You can also mention your customisation requirements for any particular print or logo that you need on the uniforms. Once we get this information from your side, we do checks on our side and call you back to cross check your requirements before finally delivery.

We will do all the hard work for you. You simply have to work out your products list and requirements. Make your order and it will be delivered to your door within 3 days (custom order may take little more time).


We will keep this blog updated with more ideas and tips for you. 

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