5 Important Resources for Restaurant and Hotel Owners

Running a business in hospitality can be challenging for restaurant and hotel owners. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available today for professionals to assist across many aspects of their industries.

1.  Blogs and Publications

For restaurant and hotel owners books, magazines and blogs are a fantastic way to keep up with current trends and events in the hospitality industry. Tnooz, Renivate, and Hotelogix are among some of the most popular blogs, featuring advice, experiences and the latest innovations.

Restaurant and hotel owners seeking to keep up with industry news should check out Restaurant Hospitality, or All Food Business Blog.

Search your local book store for publications by and about industry professionals you aspire to.

2.  Online and Offline Communities

Getting involved with like-minded communities is a great way to seek mentors and share ideas. Facebook groups, online forums and websites such as restaurantowner.com and hotelspeak offer exactly that.

If you want to find peers and mentors, you should also seek out live meetings and events. Search meetup.com and eventbrite for local events and gatherings hosted for and by professionals in your industry. Conferences such as the Restaurant Leaders Summit, and Maximum Occupancy are also wonderful opportunities for meeting industry leaders across Australia.


3. Online Videos

Talks and video presentations from successful hotel and restaurant personalities are a great source of inspiration and can help you gain an understanding of the changes facing restaurant and hotel industries. There are numerous channels on YouTube hosted by successful hoteliers and restaurant owners, featuring tips and practical advice on a range of topics. Whether you’re still in the planning stages of your business, approaching your big opening, or trying to revamp your image and attract new customers, there is a plethora of accessible video content out there.


4.  Reliable Suppliers

When running a restaurant or hotel, there are so many areas you need to stay across in order for your business to operate smoothly. Simple items such as cutlery, cooking knives, linen, chef aprons , chef jackets , Chef hat , chef neckerchief  are vital to the everyday flow and function of your company’s work environment. Shortage of these things can slow down business, and can inconvenience customers, which is the last thing you want.

Make sure your essentials – including your ingredients, equipment, and uniforms- are each ordered from reliable sources.

5.  Booking Platforms

If you are a new restaurant or you are trying to increase your customer-base, third-party booking platforms can be extremely helpful. These websites host a link to your business’s site, boosting its visibility online.

For new businesses, this can help get your name out there, and increases your chances of attracting bookings from travelers and diners who are unfamiliar with the area.

OpenTable and Dimmi are examples of platforms used by restaurant owners. For Hoteliers, Expedia and Wotif are among the biggest players.

These services generally charge for membership or subtract a commission fee, so it’s important to weigh up whether or not a platform is financially viable for your business.

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